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Looft Lighter

Looft Lighter

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Looftlighter Rapid Fire Charcoal Starter - Charcoal griller's secret weapon! It will get your charcoal lit in no time, so you can get grilling faster. Which means you can eat sooner, and who doesn't want to eat sooner? The original Looftlighter hails from Sweden and enables you to light your charcoa or fireplace (or whatever) faster. Using super-heated air it can light charcoal in 60 seconds. Mr. Looft (yes, there really is a Mr. Looft) told us that his gizmo could even be used to quickly pop popcorn kernels!

You don't think you should still be using lighter fluid to light your charcoal do you? No. Don't. Stop it. We've got a handful of quicker, cleaner, safer, easier, cheaper, prettier, tastier, smarter, nicer, and just plain better, methods of getting your dinner started.


  • Starts barbecues in seconds - without lighter fluid.
  • Easier, tastier, cleaner and quicker.
  • You'll never need lighter fluids to light your grill again.
  • Instead, super-heated air lights the charcoal in less than one minute.
  • Swedish invention.
  • Integrated bottle opener in the metal foot.
  • Unit dimensions 17 3/4" long x 2 2/3" wide x 2 2/3" deep with a 9 3/4' power cord.
  • Limited 2 year warranty


Once you get early ignition you should pull the Looftlighter back a couple inches. This will prevent the tip from melting.