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DIY Sausage - Bearded Butchers Chipotle Seasoning 13oz

Bearded Butchers - Chipotle Seasoning 13oz

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Suggested Usage:  Use 13oz of seasoning to 25lbs of meat


Cool and Smoky, our Bearded Butcher Blend Chipotle seasoning is a great choice to add some extra flavor to your next DIY meat processing endeavor. Sure to please everyone, this Bearded Butcher Chipotle seasoning is specifically formulated to be added to 25 pounds of meat. Grind it into brats, sausages, or experiment with your own ideas, this seasoning is a great option!

Instructions for use: Add 13oz Bearded Butcher Chipotle Seasoning bag to 25 pounds of your favorite protein before further processing.