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Back Eddys Seasoning Salt 062132113874

Back Eddys Seasoning Salt

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Back Eddy's seasonings were born in the Northwest Territories at the Back Eddy Restaurant and have been a long-time hit in our stores. Tasty and versatile, it is sure to rock your world as an all-purpose seasoning you will want to put on anything and everything. When salt and pepper just isn't enough, Back Eddys seasoning salt will do the trick!

The best seasoning salt in all the land - Use it on steak, seafood, chicken, burgers, game meat, vegetables, popcorn, fries, potatoes and numerous other dishes. Comes in a 400g container.


  • Made proudly in the Northwest Territories
  • Specially formulated blend of salt, spices and herbs to provide a unique and delicious flavour to meals and snacks alike
  • Pairs great with: Steak, seafood, ribs, lamb, pork, salads, fries, caribou and just about any other kind of food you dare to try it with
  • Comes in a 400g container
  • Gluten free product