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Craigs Peach Mango Habanero Bird Bath

Craigs Peach Mango Habanero Bird Bath

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Talk about an awesome habanero sauce! Peach Mango Habanero Bird Bath™ is off the chain!

Craig Sharry has perfected the blend of peach and mango into a flavor-filled poultry glaze. The blend is especially good on chicken. Even though it reads Bird Bath…it is used for so many recipes and cooking methods!

Is Bird Bath a thick habanero glaze?


You can brush this habanero sauce on your food with ease. We put it in a pourable bottle because of its consistency. It’s not thick and goopy, but rather smooth and silky. And it is definitely full of the fruity flavor you are searching for!

When do I add Peach Mango Habanero Bird Bath to my recipe?

All Bird Bath flavors can be used at any time during the cooking process. You can pour this sauce over your food after you’re done cooking, as it’s ready to use straight from the bottle.