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Cookwood Chunks - Hickory

Furtado Farms Cookwood Chunks - Hickory

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Furtado Farms Hickory Cookwood Chunks will be your Charcoal BBQ’s best friend. By just adding a chunk or two to hot coals you can add a strong and intense smoky flavour to your BBQ. 

It's easy to see why Hickory is a very popular choice for all things beef, pork and even chicken.

Our Cookwood Chunks are:

  • 100% natural Ontario wood.
  • Locally and sustainably sourced.
  • Perfectly seasoned and not kiln dried for optimum flavour output.
  • Hand selected, hand cut/ split, hand packaged for highest quality.

We take our wood seasoning extremely seriously...
No Half Measures. No Cutting Corners. No Exceptions.