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Here's to #NLIcebergs, #NLWhales, and another amazing summer!!!

2014 was a record year for Icebergs, Whales, and record breaking temperatures in Newfoundland and Labrador. So far 2017 is shaping up to be a bumper year for Icebergs with more current sightings than recent years. Our gut feeling is it will be the same for whale sightings and our fingers are crossed for more amazing weather.

Icebergs 2017

You've probably already seen pictures like this one of the spectacular iceberg grounded near Ferryland, NL.

Whales 2014

We don't yet have spectacular images of this year's whale sightings but we like to remind you of how amazing 2014 was. Maybe you can remember the Double Whale Breach?


Or maybe this Double Whale Tale Video?

Summer Temps 2014

2014 was indeed a record year for Icebergs, Whales, and record breaking temperatures here in Newfoundland and Labrador. You've heard the phrase the 100 year storm? Well, we had the 100 year summer with record setting temperatures and July being hottest month on record since 1874. WOW!

Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated as the year unfolds!


  • It has, indeed been quite an amazing summer. I’m sure we’ve got lots of good times ahead too, before fall sets in.

    Maurice A. Barry
  • Thanks Shelly. Please share on our NLInsider FB page and on Twitter at @nlinsider. We’ll repost and retweet.

    Jason Janes
  • you’ve captured some awesome moments! check out Trinity Eco-Tours FB page, they too have some amazing shots!

    Shelley Grant

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