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Picnic on the edge of North America

Jackie and I decided to enjoy a beautiful day in Ferryland with our golden Kristal after hearing great things about this location attraction. After a beautiful drive on the Irish Loop we arrived in Ferryland and took the dirt road to the lighthouse parking lot. From there we walked for about 10 minutes to the actual lighthouse we here we placed our order, received a blanket and a flag.

A short time later our lunch arrived and the flag made it's way back to the kitchen to help identify the next order. For lunch we had Ham and Brie on a lovely brown bread, side salad, amazing deserts, and very tasty lemonade. Everything about it was absolutely perfect.

After lunch we relaxed in the sunshine and fresh air enjoying the clouds and watching people fly kites and share stories.

Simply magical! This is a must do attraction. Check out the picture below!




  • We did this picnic summer of 2016. It was an amazing time. Even got video of a humpback whale close to shore. First time back to the lighthouse since 1977. Definitely recommend.

    Nick Kennedy
  • Reblogged this on NLInsider and commented:

    The summer of 2014 is one for the record books indeed but 2015 is not over yet. Get out and enjoy some of the beauty just around the corner in Ferryland, NL.

    Jason Janes

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