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Icebergs Everywhere you look!!! #NLIceberg

We keep seeing more and more iceberg pictures on Twitter and we re share everyone we see using #NLIceberg. That's great if you use Twitter, understand hashtags and only want to see what's current. We want to remember this fantastic iceberg season and the amazing images for ever so we're adding them as a slide show in this post.  Please note that we did note take these images ourselves, we are only re sharing what we  see on Twitter. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="883,882,881,880,879,878,877,876,875,874,872,870,869,868,867,866,865,864,862,861,860,859,858,857,856,855,854,853,852,851,850,849,848,847,846,845,844,843,842,841,840,839,838,837,835,834,833,832,831,830,829,828,827,826,825,824,823,822,821,820,819,818,817,816,815,814,813,812,811,810,809,808,807,806,805,804,803,802,801,800,799,798,797,796,795,794,793,792,791,789,788,787,786,785,784,782,781,780,779,778,777,776,775,774,773,772,771,770,743,740,739,738,737,736,735,734,733,732,731,730,725,724" orderby="rand"]

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  • What an excellent collection of photos from around the bays. You have outdone yourself! Thank you for posting these great photos of our Island!

    Sofaking Goldsworthy

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