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Cookwood Chips - Oak

Furtado Farms Cookwood Chips - Oak

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Furtado Farms Oak Cookwood Chips are a perfect compliment to any BBQ on the market.

Oak Chips have a medium smoke flavour that’s stronger than fruit woods, but milder than Hickory and Mesquite.Great for any cut of beef.

A must use for anyone trying to replicate that Southern BBQ flavour!

  • Suitable for Propane, natural gas, charcoal or wood fired grills.
  • Locally and sustainably sourced.
  • Perfectly seasoned and not kiln dried for optimum flavour output.
  • Hand selected, hand shredded and sifted, hand packaged for highest quality.

Our Cookwood Chips are perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes into the world of smoking.