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Touring the Basilica as it was being conceived and constructed

On a magnificent August afternoon, we not only stepped into the beautiful Basilica but we stepped back in time beginning in 1841 when Bishop Michael Anthony Fleming began his journey. Fleming - One Man's Journey to Build the Basilica and Unite a Nation.  

During this lunch hour play featuring St. John's actor Michael Nolan, we experienced a history lesson covering the conception and construction of the Basilica, the generosity and ingenuity of those set on having it erected, and the strength and struggles of those early fisher parishioners that donated their hard earned money to see it become a reality. Yes, it is a history lesson but it is delivered with plenty of humour and just enough emotion to keep you on the edge of your pew. Do yourself a favour and check it out before it's too late.

Each morning when I open my front door, there stands the Basilica often hidden by the rain, drizzle and fog (RDF) but not today. The Basilica stands majestic and unassuming on the outside and is just as beautiful on the inside. https://youtu.be/wPrDhBOGouU Being guided through the front doors after hearing Bishop Fleming share the history of how the Basilica came to be, I was almost expecting to see the building still under construction. His ability to weave the timeline of the Basilica into well-known historical facts about the City of St. John's left me feeling informed but not schooled. It truly was a fun journey that I highly recommend to locals and tourists of all ages. Click here for more information about the play.

Pictures and short video from Fleming.

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