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Newfoundland is Coronation Street's Biggest Fan!

I remember an article from a few years back questioning if Newfoundland was Coronation Street's biggest fan. Without a doubt, Newfoundland is! Coronation Street is wildly popular here in Newfoundland with personal daily schedules being made around when the shows airs on CBC and even planning vacations around the visits of Coronation Street cast to our province.

image(1)We are indeed members of this Coronation Street fan base. Sometimes I don't like to admit it but it's out there in the open now, YES, I am a Coronation Street fan! It's about the only show Jackie and I watch consistently. We rely on the CBC mobile app to get our fix but there is never a concern of getting behind on events in this household. As soon as it's available for viewing, we're watching.

Each year when there is a Coronation Street cast visit, Jackie and I jump on ticket purchases right away because they tend to sell out fast. This year's visit by Peter Barlow, the Last Call tour, is no different. We immediately purchased the best seats available and are anxiously awaiting the October 19th show. 

You may be thinking, big deal, how interesting can an hour with the cast of a British soap opera be? Well, let me tell you that at the end of each show, I only wish it was longer. It really feels like we are enjoying an intimate evening with long time friends. They share interesting stories from on set as well as some of the gossip from behind the scenes. It really is an amazing evening.

Pictures from Past Events

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  • I wonder why the show is so popular on the rock?


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