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10 things you must see and do when you visit Newfoundland and Labrador (via National Post)

For many Canadians, Newfoundland and Labrador remains the last province to check off of their bucket lists. But Carole Skinner, a tour coordinator at DeNure Tours who leads groups across the province, thinks it should be the very first place they visit. “I was like everybody else.

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  • Its true. I have had the good fortune to visit all of our provinces, but Newfoundland & Labrador is the one I now call home.
    If you are tired of the hustle & bustle of trying to keep up with the ridiculous costs of living in a big city, sick of the pollution, crime, racial strife, politics, commute, and working yourself to death just so you can drop into bed at the end of your day; then I have news for you. You are missing what life is all about. Come to Newfoundland and let us show you what living is; possibly for the first time in your life. You may never want to leave. It happened to me and its becoming a common experience as we meet new people from across Canada and the U.S.A.
    You are just a short flight away from the rest of your life. Make it count!

    Werner Koehler

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